salutes American-made Jeep Cherokee and Wrangler

Looking for a good reason to shop for new Jeep SUVs in Madison? Not only is the Don Miller Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram showroom chock-full of the latest and greatest models, but two of brand's most popular nameplates just topped a highly coveted chart.


Just in time for Independence Day, the Jeep Wrangler and Jeep Cherokee both earned spots on the list of most American-made vehicles. The Wrangler took first, and the Cherokee came in second. Determining what is genuinely American-made is a complex process -- one which took high-profile competitors like the Toyota Camry and Honda Accord out of the top ten. Credentials include the assembly plant location, percentage of parts made in the U.S., and number of American workers the manufacturer employs.


Both the Wrangler and Cherokee are assembled in Toledo. They derive roughly 74 and 70 percent of their parts from U.S. plants, respectively. All engines and nearly all transmissions come from American plants as well.


Experience American-made automotive excellence firsthand by test driving any of our Jeep SUVs! Feel free to drop by the dealership at your leisure, and we'll toss you the keys to your favorite Cherokee or Wrangler model.

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